Thursday, 12 August 2010

Wedding photography ... with a vintage twist

The photograph featured here is from Kerry's wedding - the wedding I did at the end of May. Kerry was marrying Stewart in Lancashire, and had asked me to be their photographer when they got engaged last autumn, to which of course I was more than happy to oblige.

Kerry had a strong idea of exactly what she wanted from her wedding. She was very organised and sent me examples of work she'd seen that she wanted me to consider when I was working. Kerry's an indie girl (as am I), and I felt her taste in wedding photographs reflected that. She even sent me a picture with the style of wedding dress she was going to wear... going for a real vintage Audrey Hepburn inspiration.

There were two parts to the wedding - a civil ceremony, followed by a formal church blessing, so I decided to change the tone of the photographs to reflect the differences - classic and traditional photography for the church, while at the hotel I went with more creative styles of photography.

I really enjoyed the wedding, I had a lot of fun working on the photographs. When I'm working hard, I prefer to make photography about having fun. I've always turned work into a game, even when I was working in an office, I'd turn any task into something more fun and exciting. For me, it makes me work harder and allows me to produce my best work.

Kerry and Stew are a fantastic couple - both were really up for playing with me, rather than posing in stiff, awkward poses. I think that playfulness came through in the photographs. I wanted them to go away thinking how easy it was to be in front of the camera, and with a real sense of fun after any photograph, because that's what you think about when you look back at the images.

I really want to take this style of photography to the next level, hopefully find some more couples who want something a little bit different, who enjoy blending contemporary and vintage photography methods.

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